My Neighbourhood Nottingham

February to August 2014

My Neighbourhood was a multi-media project for young people looking at the hidden places where they live. Groups involved were from the Bulwell Girls Club (Bulwell Academy), Catch 22 Hyson Green Youth Club and the The Greenway Centre, Sneinton. The aim was to bring young people from different urban areas that are often isolated, often labelled as areas of ‘high social deprivation’, often wrongly stereotyped as ‘undesirable postcodes’ – to explore their neighbourhoods, accentuate the positive and seek out the strange, the beautiful and the pockets of wild and natural.

Working with artist Jo Dacombe, they used cameras to focus their looking. They edited and discussed their images, aspects of their neighbourhoods, and responses to the project through blog My Neighbourhood.

The groups collaborated with the (fantastic!) organisation Urban Projections to create a filmic big scale projection shown as part of the Bulwell Arts Festival. A celebratory book was produced for the young people involved, and the groups they were part of.

The project was coordinated by Bo Olawaye and is documented here.